Grow your WordPress plugin company

With proven strategies for retention, review generation, and sales!

Are you running a Freemium WordPress Plugin Company but not seeing the results you want?

I’ve made all the mistakes necessary to know what works, and what doesn’t work when it comes to scaling up a plugin company.

If you need help with customer retention, review generation, branding, sales and marketing, lead gen, then I can help you!

Here’s how it works.

We work together for 4 weeks, twice a week for 1 hour at times that best suit your schedule.

Week 1

Pricing and business model

Let’s optimize your plugin pricing and business model to be the most attractive to your ideal customer.

A few tweaks to your pricing page can make all the difference between converting a lead and having them go to the competition.

Week 2

Lead acquisition & conversion strategy

Where do we find your ideal customer? How do we talk to them? We’ll create a strategy to get your ideal customer to your website and on your list.

From there, we’ll design a customer journey once they reach the website to bring them to the checkout page.

We’ll also use a few optimization tricks of mine to increase conversions on the checkout and pricing pages.

Week 3

Customer onboarding and retention

Now that more customers are coming in, we need to make sure they stay in! We’ll design the perfect customer onboarding strategy.

Then we’ll couple that with automation in the backend to prevent refund requests and cancellations, and turn high risk customers into raving champions.

Week 4

Review generation and customer satisfaction

The money is rolling in, how do we amplify it? We start generating reviews, use cases, and polling for customer satisfaction to give us a clear picture of where we’re winning and where we’re losing.

They we publish our findings as marketing material to generate more business! It’s a self fulfilling circle.

Need help? Let’s chat!

Over the last 3 years scaling Groundhogg I’ve compiled a list of foolproof strategies that are guaranteed to make your life easier, your customers happier, and your bottom line healthier.

3 years ago, I was struggling to turn a profit, barely breaking even, and not working with the customers I wanted to be working with.

I got some great help from some great mentors, and they helped me revolutionize my business, and I can help you do the same.

Skip the heartache and uncertainty I went through trying to turn a profit, work with me and you can go straight to the hair-pulling craziness of running a profitable WordPress plugin business.

Trusted by WordPress Plugin professionals worldwide!

Adrian brings honesty, transparency, and enthusiasm to every single event he attends. He lends a unique perspective on building a business that’s about providing value to customers rather than just building cool software. I’m fortunate to be part of Adrian’s circle and look forward to seeing the things he’ll accomplish with his organization.

Cory Miller, Partner @

Adrian is one of the most thoughtful and supportive people we have had the pleasure of collaborating with, always focused on how he can help other people and their businesses. We work with many WordPress companies and I have never seen someone better support their audience and champion their users. Without exception, he goes above and beyond to ensure successful outcomes for his customers, partners and the larger WordPress community.

Ryan Moore, Co-Founder @ Uncanny Owl

Adrian is a product visionary, entrepreneur, developer, and leader all rolled into one. He has that rare blend of strong business-minded entrepreneurship and technical engineering chops. Great products, solid teams, and a friendly guy too.

Chris Badgett, CEO @ LifterLMS

As a fellow WordPress plugin owner, I am continually impressed by Adrian’s willingness to understand our business, determination to help us further our success, and also be one of the strongest partners we work with. Collaborating with Adrian has, without question, been one of the best decisions our business has made.

Mark Westguard, Founder @ WS Form

Adrian is the guy I talk to when I need laser-sharp advice on the business of plugins. In the same breath, he’s able to share high-level strategy followed by a step-by-step playbook for execution.

Lesley Sim , Founder @ Newsletter Glue

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we work together?

We will work together twice a week for 1 hour on a Zoom call on the weekly topic. These sessions will be mostly brainstorming, training, and some implementation.

You will be responsible for taking what was discussed during the calls and implementing it before the next call.

We’ll review your work together and make any final tweaks.

What happens after we’re done working together?

Will we ever be done working together? You are now part of my circle of influence and you will always be able to come to me for advice, guidance, and bounce any ideas you have off me.

Consider this an introduction to our lifetime of collaboration.

How do we get started?

Book an intro call with me! We’ll talk about your current roadblocks and find out if we’d make a good pair.

What do you charge?

What I should be charging is $5,000 per session ($40,000 for the whole month). That’s what I would have paid to know what I know now and skip my whole first year.

But I don’t think that would be reasonable to ask a small business, so I’ll work with you for the whole month for $5,000 which is much less cost-prohibitive.

It’s a write-off!

How will we know what we worked on is making a difference?

We’ll be able to set up tracking and tools to give us cold hard stats to see how much of a positive impact our work together had on the bottom line.

What else will I need to invest in?

Depending on how far along you are, there may be some software purchases you’ll need to make to implement some of the strategies we’ll plan out.

I also have recommendations for training and other paid groups you should be a part of to continue your business value education.

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